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Mane 'n Tail Canada - Groundbreaking News!

Groundbreaking News!

Kicking Out of the “Stall”… Expanding Our Horizons

Straight Arrow is growing!

Back it up!  Straight Arrow Products is busting out of our “stall”!  Expansion for phase #2 of our Forks Township facility is underway, of a 4-phase construction project that will be completed in the next 5-6 years.  Straight Arrow Products, the makers of the Original Mane ‘n Tail is growing by leaps and bounds, creating solid economic growth for the Lehigh Valley and ultimately creating more jobs!

Phase #1 was started back in 2014 and the initial structure of the building was increased exponentially to house the majority of the company’s production, managing to get most of it under one roof.  In this phase, #2 our pre-weigh department will now have a home up at Conroy with the space needed…so those amazing raw materials that we create our personal and equine products with don’t have to travel from our Bethlehem location anymore up to our Forks Twp. facility. They will now be with our production equipment in one location.

All this is happening just in time to celebrate Straight Arrow’s 50th anniversary in 2020.  How exciting! Amazing that a little ‘ole horse shampoo company became a hair care phenomenon for people!  No one would have ever guessed at the beginning of it all in 1970, when present owner, Devon B. Katzev was just a toddler, that the company would be what it is today.  Devon, second-generation owner does not take his job lightly!  He maintains the respect and integrity that his parents earned when they started the company and he worked incredibly hard in the mid-1990s to get the company back under the control of the family and turned back around to the successful business it is today.

He knows not to take anything or anyone for granted and values each and everyone that works at Straight Arrow as part of an extended family.  Even though Mane ‘n Tail and other Straight Arrow products are sold all over the world, Devon maintains a down-to-earth vibe that keeps our company humble and true to its equine roots!

This can also be said for the company’s commitment to the community…valuing those folks who have supported us locally over the years. We are thrilled to be able to give back and also create jobs here in Forks Twp. and Bethlehem.  We are proud to part of the Lehigh Valley, to make everything right here, and all in the United States.

Just a small ceremony was held to garner some press attention and let the “Valley” know what we were up to.  Thanks to those that came out on such a beautiful day, the gals from the Chamber of Commerce (representing all of Easton, Forks & Phillipsburg), the folks from the Forks Twp. Business Association, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation and all the media outlets that covered the event!









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