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Mane 'n Tail Canada - Military Makeover Episode #3  The Willet Family   the Home Stretch & Teaser for Episode #4

Military Makeover Episode #3 The Willet Family the Home Stretch & Teaser for Episode #4

Have you been tuning into Lifetime?  Have you been watching the Willett family’s journey?  We certainly hope you caught the latest episode? Episode #3 did air  Friday, June 28th in the morning at 7:30 am et/pt.  Here it is below, just in case!

First of all, we are now attached to Cody, Jessica, Carter and baby Kendall!  Now we want to see how their home is transformed and all the other fun surprises that they are being showered with!


What’s going on this time in Episode #3?  This episode includes everything from a Veteran-owned coffee company Black Rifle Coffee Company (America’s coffee)… the crew installing LG Appliances and installing Knauf Insulation  .  We also hear about a Veteran’s organization, the Dwyer Foundation Project  (helping to reach veterans that are having a difficult time transitioning back into civilian life) that is local and assists in getting veterans back on their feet. Also, there is a special gift from an artist and a visit to Homestead Stables
















to experience The Constance Project  (a program started by Mane ‘n Tail Ambassador Dawn Samuelson (Nationally Recognized Behavioral Therapist) who works with horses as therapy to help veterans and those still in active duty to deal with PTSD, as well as other mental or physical difficulties they are dealing with and hoping to work through. We are so proud to be associated with Dawn for many years now and truly support her program!














Next, Cody receives a huge honor and surprise from My Computer Career . This is the online organization that he is currently taking classes from to help expand his horizons and make him more viable in his IT position at the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s office.  You need to watch the episode—we aren’t giving it away!








Also, we are moving right along with the home reno, new air conditioning and heating is going in courtesy of Amana and their completely state-of-art technology and both the comfort and economy of the home. New indestructible and great looking Tarkett flooring  is being installed as well.  The home is coming along, and it will be finished before we know it.


Tune into Episode #4 on Friday, July 5th, at 7:30 am et/pt on Lifetime TV –you
will finally see Mane ‘n Tail’s participation in helping the Willett family with!  Don’t miss it!




Here is a little teaser:

Watch with us!