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Mane 'n Tail Canada - Military Makeover with Montel Episode #2 and its Teaser

Military Makeover with Montel Episode #2 and its Teaser

  Episode #2: The Willett Family and its Teaser

What’s up next for the Willett family on Military Makeover with Montel?

In Episode #1 of the Willett family series, we introduced you to the Willetts…Cody and Jessica along with 3 year old Carter and new baby Kendall.  We found out that they live in Ashville, NY in the heart of Chautauqua County.  Cody had spent some time in Afghanistan, as an Air Force Officer and has returned home, still protecting and serving—but this time through computer technology in the Chautauqua Sheriff’s Department.  Here’s your sneak peak of Episode #2!

Home Renovation


Home Depot and   J Dog Junk Removal & Hauling are still making it all happen on the demo and renovation front!

Sneak peak of Episode #2 where demolition of the Willett family home gets into full swing!  Some Swat team moves are demonstrated in this episode, and if you tune in next Friday (June 14th) at 7:30 am you will see what that is all about?

Here’s your sneak peak:



Episode #2 did air on Friday June 14th and again on Friday June 21st.  If you want to watch the full Episode #2, you can do it right here: