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Mane 'n Tail Canada - Hair Tips For When You’re On A Boat

Hair Tips For When You’re On A Boat

The crisp air, the quiet of nature, and the gentle lapping of the water against your canoe or kayak. The beautiful scenery around you paired with the smells and sounds of the landscape can make for an amazing time…so the last thing you want to worry about is your hair!

Here are a few boating hairstyles that will keep your hair healthy, stylish, and appropriate for any activity you choose!

If you’ll be kayaking or canoeing, your hair is almost always constantly in a state of movement.

A ponytail might not cut it depending on the water conditions. By putting your hair in a more controlled style like a bun or braid, your hair has less of a chance of twirling and knotting in the wind and waves.

A day on the boat might look relaxing and fun, but for your hair it might be another story.

You’ll want to make sure that if your hair is down, it still has some protective styling elements in it so it isn’t flying around and becoming knotted. While a hat can be helpful, they sometimes aren’t the most reliable in a windy environment. Try a loose ponytail or small side braid to make your hair less likely to blow all around.

An afternoon on the speed boat means a wild and crazy good time!

This also means your hair will be whipping through the winds and surf at unnaturally fast speeds. Sure it’s a thrill, but your hair might come out of the situation looking like a frizz ball. Try keeping those long locks tied back in buns or braids so you don’t end up with snapped hair or split ends that can cause more damage throughout the shaft of your hair, days or even weeks later.

A hat can be your hair’s bff.

There are some CUTE hats out there. If you need a break from the sunshine, your hair and scalp will be happy with a brimmed hat to protect everything. Grab a cute sun hat for a leisurely float through the bay, or grab an adjustable ball cap for those quicker jaunts when you’re paddling through the rapids in your kayak.

Enjoy the styling benefits of nature

The natural styling power of salt water, dried wind blown hair and sun kissed highlights are just a few examples of the added bonus of a fun adventure. Just keep in mind the benefits versus the possible problems when you’re having fun on your excursions.

Lastly, you want to remember that your hair, for most of the day, will be in a constant state of stress and strain. From the wind, sun, and moisture, all of these factors can have some damaging effects on your locks, especially when you combine them all together.

You’ll want to start off with something that can act as a barrier between those elements and your delicate strands. By fortifying your hair from the start, you’re making sure you’re giving your hair a shield for protection. A product like Mane ‘n Tail Hair Strengthener will help from the very first spritz, keeping your hair looking tamed with less frizz while keeping it safer from the elements. A first step like this doesn’t just help for the day, but by doing it consistently, you’ll keep your hair looking and feeling healthier in the long run.

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