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Mane 'n Tail Canada - 10 Little Life Lessons We Can Learn From Horses

10 Little Life Lessons We Can Learn From Horses

Life can be full of work, schedules, and stress. It can be overwhelming and tricky to maneuver around all of the curve balls that life can throw at us. Well, it’s time to slow down and take in the little things in life that can make us smile. Sometimes that alone can be easier said than done.

Luckily, we’ve got 10 little life tips that horses can teach us to sit back, take a deep breath, and just take some time to realize how wonderful life is!

Get Messy

Sometimes you just gotta get messy. It might be that house project that you’ve been procrastinating on, planting that veggie garden of your dreams, or crafting that art project you’ve had pinned on Pinterest the last few months, this horse can teach you that sometimes you just go the messy route to feel better!

Get a Massage

Sometimes a massage will help melt away that stress that has been slowly creeping its way through your whole body. It’s hard to tell how much tense muscles can affect you, and all it takes it a massage to soothe those blues away. Whether it’s a quick 10 minute shoulder rub from your sweetie or a 60 minute a deep tissue massage from a professional at the spa, sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

Stay Hydrated

Water can make a HUGE difference in everything. From alleviating headaches, to making your skin looking more youthful and glowing, to even flushing out toxins, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated can be key to feeling more upbeat and turning that frown upside down.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

While grab and go snacks can be convenient, they can also be full of ingredients that can make you feel tired, bloated, and sluggish. With a little extra effort, preparing quick and easy healthy snacks like veggies and dip, homemade guacamole, or apples with peanut butter can still help with the munchies while they add benefits like protein, vitamins, and healthy fats.

Be Fabulous

Take a few extra minutes a day to give your overall look a little extra pizzaz. Go the extra mile for the look you deserve by taking 5 extra minutes to run a flat iron through your hair, up your makeup game, or even by setting out your outfit the night before. Your overall mood can get a major boost simply by looking fabulous!

Laugh It Off

The strength of a good laugh can powerful. Whether it’s that embarrassing auto correct you sent to the boss, realizing you’ve been were wearing your glasses the last 45 minutes you’ve been searching for them, or begrudgingly accepting the fact that you’ve caught every red light. Sometimes life gives you pretty crazy situations that you’ve gotta just step back and chuckle at the ridiculousness you’ve just experienced.

Stay Active

Horses let us know you’ve gotta move, move, move!! Staying active has loads of benefits that can be seen in just a short while, and it doesn’t have to be crazy. Sure you can jog everyday or get a gym membership, but it could also be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or choosing a parking spot further away and walking a slightly longer distance. The small steps can make a big difference!


Sometimes, when all else fails, you just gotta sit back, take a load off, and just turn off the world for a while. Maybe it’s chilling out on the couch while binging on your favorite show, or curling up with a great book while laying out on a blanket in the park, sometimes you deserve to veg out for a while.

Spend Time With Friends

What better mood boost than to spend time with positive vibes. Spending time with those who make you happy will inevitably make you happy! Have a girls night with some wine and chick flicks, join a group painting class, or just head out for a nice dinner and spend time gabbing. Chances are they’ve got things going on in their lives that can be bumming them out too so cheer each other up while having a great time with a supportive shoulder to lean on!

Be Yourself

Most Importantly, be yourself! No matter what aspect of life hits you, it’s always best to be genuine and honest with yourself. You’ve had a lifetime of experiences that has shaped and molded who you are and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Make sure your true self shines through in all that you do and make yourself proud in your achievements. You do you!

So the next time life gets a little wacky, take some time, take a deep breath, and think to yourself “What would a horse do?” Sure you might get some strange looks if you say it out loud, but you know you got this, and you are awesome!


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