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Embrace Your Curls!

I’ve been blogging lately about hair type. Andre Walker, hairstylist for Oprah, talks about 4 main types of hair in his book “Andre Talks Hair.” In my last couple blogs, I went from straight hair to wavy hair. Today, we’ll get into curly hair.

Hair Type 3
Although Type 2 hair can offer curl, there’s a distinct difference between that and Type 3 hair. Type 3 hair is curly, no doubt about it. Not a wave, that can be manipulated into a curl, but a definite ringlet – an S shape that will bounce back when pulled straight. This type of hair, found on such stars as Debra Messing, Keri Russel and Rachel True, requires more attention and that care free look of Hair Type 2 is not as easy to accomplish.

Curly hair is dependent upon climate. The humidity, or lack of humidity, can greatly affect the condition of the curls. Finding the right type of product is crucial as is finding the right amount of product to use. Too much can weigh the hair down, leaving the curls greasy and heavy. Too little product and the curls can puff right up, a dry frizzy nest on top of your head!

Like all four hair types, there are subcategories to type 3 hair and the difference can be found in the size of the curls, right at the center of the ring.

First, there’s Hair Type 3a, where the S pattern is prominent and the large, loose curls are shiny and bouncy. The middle of the curl is wide, you could fit a D battery through it. Out of the three, a is the easiest to straighten. If you have this type of hair, recommends you use a leave-in conditioner to “hydrate and moisturize your curls” and gels and creams that offer “light moisture and curl definition” which can “tame unruly frizz and create defined ringlets.” Of course, Mane ‘n Tail has the perfect product, our Revitalizing Crème, a leave-in ultra-light moisture-enriched treatment that won’t leave your hair greasy.

Type Hair 3b also has well defined curls, but the loose shape of a s takes a tighter turn here. More like a ringlet or a corkscrew, the curls are coarser and more resistant to straightening. The circumference of the curls is smaller, also, about as round as a magic marker. Frizz is a definite problem and its best to find a product that will moisturize but also help define the curls for a healthier look. We recommend Hair Dressing, an advanced styling pomade which is fortified with rich emollients that add luster and shine to the hair.

If you’re ringlets are tighter, perhaps pencil size rather than marker size, you could be a Type 3c. On the verge of kinky, these super tight dense curls are made from many strands of fine textured hair. Dryness and frizz can be a problem and recommends that when styling you “start with a fresh, clean palette on day #1. Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize!” Use Mane ‘n Tail’s Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner before applying a moisturizer like our Olive Oil Crème which will lock in moisture to help stop damage at the roots, for longer, stronger healthier hair.

Embrace your curls! Treated properly, curly hair can be beautiful, adding fun to your life and a spring to your step!

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